Frozen Fish

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The processing plant strategically located in Callao, processes Jack Mackerel (Trachurus murphyi), Mackerel (Scomber japonicus) and Anchovy (Engraulis ringens) and some seasonal species such as Mahi - Mahi (Coryphaena hyppurus) and Tunny (Sarda chiliensis - chiliensis).

These species are frozen as whole round, HG, HGT, butterfly or single fillets with or without skin.

All activities are subjected to strict control parameters which ensure the final quality of our products.

We distribute more than 27 million kilograms of Jack Mackerel and Mackerel for human consumption in the local market, that is nearly 1 kilo per person per year.

However, we would like to improve on this figure and contribute more to the nutritional development of Peru, so we have developed our new product AnchoveTASAKontiki which is being distributed from our plant in Callao and our frozen hydrobiological products distribution centers in Juliaca, Andahuaylas, Abancay, Pucallpa, Cusco and Lima.

The product is made from raw material extracted and stored in boxes with ice at temperatures near 0 ° C, ensuring the preservation of excellent nutritional qualities due to its content of protein, vitamins, minerals and Omega 3 fatty acids, with proven effectiveness in preventing cardiovascular and anti-inflammatory diseases as well as in developing brain tissue in infants . .

The AnchoveTASAKontiki are clean, headed and gutted pieces, frozen individually and presented in bags of 1.0 kg and ½ kg, making the product an excellent alternative for housewives seeking quality food with high nutritional levels and at affordable prices.

Finally, the challenge taken on with AnchoveTASA has been received with great enthusiasm within the company because of the positive impact it will have, not only within the organization, but also in the future development of Peru.


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 AnchoveTasa Kontiki

Committed with our mission of giving our clients fish products of the highest quality and in harmony with the community and environment, Tecnologica de Alimentos introduces Anchovy TASA Kontiki, a treadure made with our Anchovy. Engraulis ringens, a natural complex rich in proteins, minerals, vitamins and unsaturated
fatty accides Omega 3.

The Anchovy specially the one in the Peruvian coast, is an excellent source of animal protein of high quality and nutrients that are not easily found in basic food. Has a big amount of Omega 3, an essential fatty acid in the development of brain tissues and prevention of heart diseases and inflammations. Has as important
amount of minerals like potassium, iron,phosphorus, iodine and calcium.




Whole IQF

15 /25g

10 Kg (10x1Kg ó 1x10 kg ó 20 x 0.5 kg)

HG (Headed and gutted) IQF

9 /17g

10 Kg (10x1Kg ó 1x10 kg ó 20 x 0.5 kg)

 A hundred grams of raw fillet of  AnchoveTASA Kontiki has:















*The amount of Omega 3 is within the amount of fat. Source: TASA, production of November-December 2007, January-February 2008. Source: Biological and Tchnological summary of the main commercial hydrobiological species of Peru. IMARPE-ITP March 1996.



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