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TASA Shipyard is our business unit dedicated to the construction, repair and structural change required by the shipping industry. It provides services in fishing vessels and marine equipment both for our own fleet and for private customers to meet their needs efficiently.

It is located in the Bay of Ferrol part of the port of Chimbote in the province of Santa, Ancash.

TASA Shipyard has a Slip Way with a lifting capacity of up to 300 dwt or about 40 meters in length. It has eight 45-meter parking and 70 cradle trailers for the internal movement of ships.

TASA Shipyard staff has extensive experience and knowledge in the construction and repair of fishing vessels, tugs, barges, etc.. The Engineering area has specialized software that caters to all our customers’ requirements. The services are guaranteed by the Quality Control area, staffed by experienced personnel, trained and certified in NDT.

TASA Shipyard has completed the construction of the barges "Punta Coles" and "Punta San Juan de Marcona" as well as hold extension work for the vessels "San Lorenzo 2", "Asia 3", "Rimac 4", "Caplina 8 "," Punta Sal "," Costa Azul ", among other.

Astillero TASA ha realizado la construcción de los Lanchones “Punta Coles” y “Punta San Juan de Marcona”, así como trabajos de ampliación de bodega a las Embarcaciones “San Lorenzo 2”, “Asia 3”, “RImac 4”, “Caplina 8”, “Punta Sal”, “Costa Azul”, entre otras

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Las Begonias 441-Of. 352 San Isidro • Lima 27 - Perú
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