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  • Construction and modification of vessels and marine equipment
  • Repairs
  • Quality Testing
  • Tackle Other services

1.- Construction and modification of ships and naval equipment:

  • Length Extensions.
  • Hold Depth Elevation.
  • Expanded Beam Breadth.
  • Modifications to Bow and construction of Bulbs.

Building of metallic structures in general

2.- Naval Naval repair


  • Deep cleaning
    Removal and Installation of Zinc Anodes
    Sandblasting and painting

Propulsion and Steering system (SPSG)

  • Calibration / Disassembly / Assembly / Machining and Maintenance of SPSG.
  • Main Engine (Disassembly, Assembly, Alignment, Compensation).
  • Piping, Electrical Systems.
  • Breaking concrete / ballast and concrete in holds.
    Carpentry work Accommodation and Riverban

Steel and Welding Work

Repair of Worden hulls

3.- Design

  • Development of Marine Engineering Studies for Construction and Modification work to vessels and naval equipment.
  • Preparation of Vessel and Marine Equipment Plans
  • Stability Testing and Stability and Trim Studies.
  • Improved form lines to improve resistance to forward movement, Bulbs estimate.

4.- Quality test

  • Repair of vessels.
  • Visual inspections.
  • Penetrating liquids .
  • X-rays.
  • Ultrasound. .
  • Sizing.
  • Test Protocols.
  • Boats shooting Tests / derricks, Cranes calibration with dynamometer

5.- Maneuvers

  • Dry dock and refloating service of vessels of up to 300 dwt.
  • Crane and Hoist Service
  • Parking.

6.- Other services

  • Cleaning of interior compartments, tanks, degassing.
  • Installation of oily residue receipt.
  • Industrial Safety
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