Corporate Social Responsibility

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Our Social Responsibility plans are designed to enhance the sustainability of the company in the medium and long term.

We have consolidated the requirement for the area of Social Responsibility to be one of the main pillars that interlocks company goals to the needs of our stakeholders, to ensure the sustainability of our operations.

We integrated the actions that we have been carrying out since the beginning to a strategy of social responsibility under the focus of a management system. In order to establish strategies to achieve our vision, we defined the stakeholders with whom we interact.

In this stage Top Management was involved as were all managers, with methodological support of specialized external consultants. We defined macro interest groups considering the company’s long term viability, and its influence through its operations.

This definition is reviewed annually as part of the planning process, which allows us to update the strategic objectives and management indicators associated with them, according to changes in relationships with stakeholders and their importance.

Any change in the definition of interest groups has a direct impact on strategic objectives and indicators and therefore the short, medium and long term plans, consequently, this stage of the process is subject to the approval of Top Management, which reviews, validates and approves the proposal made by the technical planning team.

Our goals with our groups of interest     

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