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We are aware of the Environment

 As part of our sustainable development, we are conscious of the care required for the environment in accordance with our business philosophy:

“Reduce the negative environmental impact of the activities carried out by of the organization”

 That is why as a business we have directed and analyzed our investments based on three important aspects:

  • Productivity
  • The quality of our products and
  • The conservation of the environment.

In TASA, we work towards developing these aspects in an integrated way.

Changes in drying technology

We initiated a program of technology change in all our plants that have a FAQ drying system for one of a Steam Drying system .

The Parachique and Atico Plant have just implemented the change in the drying system and are obtaining better quality fishmeal and fish oil.

Treatment of Pump water 

Pisco Sur was the first fishmeal and fish oil plant to implement the Solids and Fats Recovery System in Peru, complying with the most stringent permissible limits (350 ppm Fat and 700 ppm Total Suspended Solids).

Currently Callao Norte is the second plant to implement this recovery system in order to achieve these limits.

Treatment of Domestic Sewage

We have implemented 15- modular plants, which has allowed us to incorporate 3 000 m2 of green areas, reusing treated water for the irrigation.

The treated sewage in these plants is suitable for discharge into any natural water course or for reuse in green areas (under the General Water Law, Category III).

Management of Solid Waste

Solid waste is managed according to a plan that includes procedures and actions based on environmental criteria, health and environmental technical -economic feasibility for the reduction of waste from the point of generation to final disposal. This is part of the Company Management Policy, in compliance with the Solid Waste Act No. 27314

We conduct a continuous campaign to promote within and outside the company the recycling of paper, glass, plastics, toners, etc.. The aim is to reduce waste generation by appropriate use of resources and recycling or reutilization policy.

Gas Emissions

At its plant in Chimbote Norte TASA installed three tower scrubbers to reduce the emission of pollutants. Along with these modifications we are also carrying out the transfer and change in drying technology project.

Change in the energy matrix

In three of our plants: Paita (2003), Callao Norte and Callao Sur (2007), we have changed the energy matrix; previously we used R-500 Diesel Oil now we use natural gas, a much cleaner fuel. As this fuel becomes available in other ports we will continue to change the energy matrix.



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