Words from the Chairman of the Board of Directors

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Our business organization has been investing for a considerable time in businesses of diverse characteristics, always within a framework of respect for persons, legislation and the environment in which we conduct our activities.

However, never like today has it been so necessary to establish a clear position in favor of a truly sustainable development that would prmit us to hand over to those who follow us a world with the best possible quality of life.

As a result Tecnologica de Alimentos SA (hereinafter TASA), not only we have applied our policy of respect for people and the environment, through an activity undertaken with the greatest possible harmony, but in addition we are committed to becoming leaders in this field.

Having the responsibility of contributing to the production of an important part of the global need for fishmeal and fish oil, which are two essential components for the indirect feeding of the world, as well as being strong promoters of a greater scope for Fishing for Direct Human Consumption, are permanent challenges for our team of stakeholders in all their fishing, productive, administrative and support activities.

All who belong to TASA must be persuaded to adopt this philosophy of work that allows us to act responsibly, both at sea and on land. This is why our practices are subject to the highest expectations of international markets, and to the exacting standards of social responsibility correctly implanted in the world today.

In this spirit we present our first Sustainability Report in which we share with you our vision of a more responsible world respectful of its future; and at the same time some samples of what we have done during 2008 to contribute to that goal.

I thank you for the time you spend reading this publication and hope it will be useful in order to reflect on the opportunities we have in our businesses to develop our activities in a responsible and committed way .

Kindest Regards,




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