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Quality Management       

In TASA, our clear objective is to constantly improve our processes by means of our Integrated Management System in order to provide our clients with the highest standards of quality and innocuousness in our products, preventing, minimizing and/or eliminating illegal activities, environmental contamination and occupational hazards and incidents.

We systematically ensure the sanitary quality of our products, in order to avoid any risk of illness or injury to the consumer, applying good manufacturing practices in all the activities involved.

Our plants have physical -chemical laboratory focused on the quality assurance of our products and these are equipped with sophisticated instruments that ensure reliable results and optimize the response time for the effective control of the various process stages. Our highly qualified staff ensure the execution and correct interpretation of each analysis in close collaboration with the certification companies with whom we work.


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Las Begonias 441-Of. 352 San Isidro • Lima 27 - Perú
Phone Number (511)611-1400• 611-140

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