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We are part of a Group that is committed to its country

We are supported by the Breca Business Group, one of the most important Peruvian investment groups, which has been investing for more than 100 years in a decisive and diversified way in Peru in important sectors such as industry, finance and services, as well as in important projects in real estate and urban development. All the companies that make up this group are 100 % Peruvian and are leaders in their own sectors, some of them at regional and world level.

The companies Soldexa and Minsur began an internationalization process in 2008. Soldexa acquired 2 companies in Colombia and 1 in Venezuela, all of them involved in the welding industry. Minsur acquired a mine and a smelter in Brazil.

The Group’s shareholders announced a Joint investment with the Siggdo Kopers Group (Chile) in February 2009 to develop an ammonia plant and another one for ammonium nitrate in Peru.


Financial and Pension Services

- Rimac Seguros.
- Rimac EPS
- Banco Continental BBVA *
- AFP Horizonte

Agriculture and Fishing

- Agrícola Hoja Redonda
- Pisco Viña de Oro


- Compañia Minera Raura
- Minsur



- Hoteles Libertador


Specialized Services

- Strategies
- Aportta
- AESA Construcciones
- AESA Infraestructure and Mining
- Funsur
- Protepersa


- Exsa
- Soldexa
- Nitratos del Perú **

Real State

- Cúbica


- Clínica Internacional


*   In association with the BBVA Group
** In association with the Siggdo Copers Group

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Las Begonias 441-Of. 352 San Isidro • Lima 27 - Perú
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