Frozen Products Plant

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Our plant for frozen pelagic fish is the most modern and largest in South America. It is equipped with advanced technology and automated process systems. It was built in an industrial fishing complex of more than 240,000 m2 and has a daily production capacity of 521 tons of frozen fish and a storage capacity of 14,960 tons at minus 20 degrees Celsius in three chambers, one of which has mobile racks, allowing us to maximize the area of the chamber

We have invested more than $ 22 million in setting up our plant, generating new jobs in fishing and production activities.

The main species processed are Jack Mackerel and Mackerel, with which we produce whole round frozen fish, HG (without head and guts), HGT (without head, guts and tail) or fillets with skin. Additionally Mahi Mahi (sometimes called dolphin fish) is processed during the months of October through February for the production of fillets with and without skin, in vacuum packed portions, and GG.

Given the great potential of the Anchovy as a product for human consumption because of its high percentage of protein and Omega 3, we also offer frozen Anchovy products in blocks or IQF, whole round and HG.

Considering the population in the interior of the country, we distribute frozen fish for human consumption, providing the people of the highlands access to a highly nutritious food in perfect sanitary conditions and at affordable prices.

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Las Begonias 441-Of. 352 San Isidro • Lima 27 - Perú
Phone Number (511)611-1400• 611-140

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