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Environmental Management

Sustainable fishing

The marine ecosystem off Peru is the best monitored system in the world and is the basis for an unusual but effective fisheries management, where decisions are made in near real time using the most recent observations, and highlighting the fact that Peru is perhaps the only place in the world where it is possible to count on flexible adaptive Fishery Management.

The largest companies in the sector are aware of the need to defend the positive population status of resources and support state regulations regarding the management of the quotas authorized for each fishing season.

In the effort to make fishing activity sustainable and in compliance with the provisions proposed by IMARPE and PRODUCE, we adjust our activity to ensure the sustainability of the biological resource establishing fishing guidelines, respecting the codes of responsible fishing, such as:

  • Not fishing within 5 miles of the coast or in restricted areas or closed under the current regulations not to catch juvenile fish or examples mixed with species of consumption, avoiding overloading the fishing vessels.
  • Avoid actions that cause pollution, including not draining holds or bilges whiles in a bay.
  • Strictly respect the prohibition on the transport or consumption of alcohol and drugs on board, as well as the transport and use of explosives in fishing operations.
  • Respond for the safety of personnel staff, requiring that crews perform their work and fishing operations with the indicated protective and safety equipment.
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