Refined and concentrated fish oil

The crude oil produced in our 10 production plants is processed, refined and concentrated in our Pucusana plant (traceability from fishing to final product to our customers). Our product is characterized for being purely Peruvian anchovy and 100% molecularly distilled; in addition to having oxidation and purity values below the limits of the industry.

Refined and concentrated fish oil is used in  food, nutraceutical and pharmaceutical industries. It is beneficial for the proper functioning of  blood circulation,  cardiac system and brain. Rich in vitamins A, D and retinol and has beneficial properties for bones and the immune system.

Includes premium, fully refined Omega-3 fish oils and concentrated oil in EE (refined ethyl esters) and TG (triglyceride concentrate):

                    - 1812 TG                            - 33/22 EE
                    - Omega 30% TG                - 33/22 TG
                    - 30/20 EE                           - 33/27 EE
                    - 30/20 TG

Main uses: 
Dietary supplements, functional foods and drinks, pharmaceuticals products, children's formulas, foods and beverages for human consumption, pet food and fish feed.

Main markets:
New Zealand, United States, Canada, Korea, Germany, Australia, England, Spain, Brazil, China, Thailand, Singapore, Taiwan, Colombia and Japan.

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