Sustainability Initiatives

At TASA, sustainability is integrated into business management and is transversal to all our processes. Our sustainability approach is aligned with the company's strategy and seeks to generate shared value proposals with stakeholders who ensure business continuity, the development of the communities where we operate and the preservation of the environment.

We have defined 2 pillars of Sustainability that complement and reinforce the social and environmental vision of the company's Strategic Plan:

  1. Ensure a sustainable value chain:
    • Lead and promote a sustainable fishing model that protects our resource and ecosystem.
  2. Improve our environment:
    • Encourage healthy families by providing our employees with opportunities for their well-being and development.
    • Achieve that our sustainable projects become management models that contribute to the development of the country and generate a positive impact in our areas of influence.

We are currently working on six strategic sustainability initiatives aligned to those pillars:

Supplier Development Program
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Healthy Families
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Entrepreneurial Families
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Circular Economy
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Cuidamar Program
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La Red Program
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